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How are gummies made?

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Traditionally, the production of gummies relied solely on the use of starch lines, which allowed the manufacturer to achieve the desired product shape and texture. The chosen form is pressed into corn starch filled trays to create the mould in which a gelatine-based mixture is deposited and left to dry for 24 or 48hrs. Current modern methods enable the use of flexible and cleanable silicone or metal moulds, guaranteeing a fully hygienic production environment. This solution will also reduce the time required for the gummy drying process from days to only a few minutes, increasing efficiency and yield whilst saving resources.

The base ingredient of a gummy is – in most cases – edible Gelatin. There is an alternative (Pectin) which will be addressed in another question. Edible Gelatin is found in many different foods.  In vitamin gummies, Gelatin is used to provide a chewy consistency and contributes to a longer shelf life. Gummies are mass produced in large batches -tens of thousands at a time. Firstly, the component ingredients are mixed in a large vat. Ingredients may include Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Flavourings and Colourings (which often originate from fruit juices and Citric Acid). Once the ingredients are mixed, the resulting liquid is cooked until it thickens into a“slurry”. The “slurry” is then poured into moulds for shaping. Vitamin Gummies can come in various shapes. Where customers require a specific shape which is not routinely offered, a mould can be manufactured to produce this shape. This would be costed into the project accordingly.

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How do you assure product quality?

All product batches are issued with Certificates of Analysis.  Products are tested by the manufacturer for compliance to specification. NB Quantity of active ingredients within products is determined by input.

What Accreditations do you have?

Our facilities in Spain work to Good Manufacturing Practices and have accreditations to the following internationally recognised standards: - BRC(British Retail Consortium) IFS (International Food Standard).

What about Pricing?

Our gummy vitamins are commonly made using:- Pectin or Gelatin as a gelling agent. Sugar/ Sugar-free/ FOS base. Natural colourings and flavours. Vitamins, Minerals and Botanicals. Points worth considering relating to costs:- Raw material prices fluctuate and some...


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Throughout the new product development process, Tom kept us informed of progress with regular updates. His attention to detail and commitment to keeping projects moving is commendable. When we deviated from the original brief, the impact on costs and lead times was clearly communicated in a clear and concise manner. For NPD on Gummies, I’d recommend working with Tom and UKGC

Jon - Director of UK Health Supplements business - July 2020

The taste (of these gummies) is phenomenal and the fact that they are vegan is also great

Ben - Founder of Health & Wellness start-up business - September 2020

Although operating to very tight time deadlines to meet the development schedule. UK Gummy Company managed to deliver samples on time and to a very high standard

Peter Morris – Purchasing Manager from the Nutritional Supplement Industry - November 2020

UK Gummy Company continually deliver to the agreed quality standards. Launch dates were pivotal for us and they delivered on time to ensure they were met. We look forward to working with them in the future as we look to grow our business

Gary – Managing Director from the Supplement and Wellness Sector – February 2021

UK Gummy Company worked very closely with us during the product development. Regular updates were received on the progress of our orders as launch dates were critical for us and they delivered! We look forward to working with them in the future as we look to grow our business and introduce new products

Carrie – Managing Director from the Food Supplement Industry – April 2021

UK Gummy Company has been a fantastic business partner while we look to develop our portfolio of products in our market. We worked very closely together to develop our products ensuring mutual objectives were met. Throughout the process, communication was superb and in all aspects of supply chain management they constantly delivered

Sam – Director from the Health and Wellness Sector – June 2021

UK gummy Company is always delivering great tasting product! Who knew vitamins could taste so good

Laura – Buyer from the Vitamin and Supplements market – July 2021

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The UK Gummy Company was founded by Tom Walsh in 2019. Tom enjoyed a successful career in Supply Chain Management, working for blue-chip organisations such as Revlon, Gillette, Alberto Culver, The Body Shop, LF Beauty and Cultech.

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What do you offer?

We offer a full finished product development service. From your idea (concept) of product to your market launch. Read more

Do you offer Bespoke Formulations?

We offer an extensive range of standard formulations. However, if you have a specific formulation that you would like us to develop, we can offer this as part of our service. Read more

Do you offer standard off the shelf gummy formulations?

Yes. UKGC have off the shelf formulations to cover all of your requirements thereby providing an efficient route to market.

What are Gummies made from?

Gummies are routinely made from a mixture of Sugar, Glucose Syrup, flavouring, food colouring, Citric Acid and Gelatin or Pectin. Read more

Gelatin versus Pectin - what are the Pros and Cons?

Commercially there is negligible difference between selecting one over the other in terms of pricing. We are delighted to offer both options. Read more

How are your gummies packed?


  • 12 x 1kg bags per outer (box)
  • 40 outers per Euro pallet
What are your lead times?

Our lead times vary however we promise that we will beat the lead times from Asia! At present we are working to 8 weeks from agreed specification and receipt of Purchase Order. Read more

How competitively priced are you?

We constantly review the market where we can influence and control a cost in order to be competitive. Read more

What Accreditations do you have?

Our facilities in Spain work to Good Manufacturing Practices and have accreditations to internationally recognised standards BRC (British Retail Consortium), IFS (International Food Standard). Read more

How do you assure product quality?

All product batches are issued with Certificates of Analysis. Products are tested by the manufacturer for compliance to specification. Read more